Raw Fog offers a very special and responsible selection of fine teas. Our fresh teas are blended in small batches of less than 10 lbs and called micro blended teas. Tea is a romantic beverage for the young and the old. Enjoy life's simplicities with Raw Fog's Tea.


  • Tea Descriptions

    Strawberry Kiwi Symphony has Strawberry & Kiwi flavors combined with Pai Mu Tan White tea in this Strawberry Kiwi Symphony.

    Kenya Black Tea is a High elevation FBOP with ‘tip’. Strong and bold with a bright infusion and color. Takes milk.

    Citrus Cinnamon Spice This Ceylon decaf black tea combines Orange peel, Cinnamon, and flavoring and has a naturally sweet taste.

    Berry Zen Zhen Mei green tea, Rasberry leaves, dried fruit pieces, Pineapple and Strawberry flavors.

    Blueberry Habiscus is a Sencha green tea, dried fruit pieces, Hibiscus and Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant flavoring.

    Pu'erh Mango Strawberry is a strong, fruity tea, this puerh blend has dried fruit pieces and Strawberry and Mango flavors.

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